Capsiplex Happy Diet Pill

Capsiplex Plus Happy Diet Pills

Affectionately known as the Happy Diet Pill – Capsiplex Plus is now available in stock and can be ordered directly from the official website.

Featured and highlighted by the world’s press, the ‘Happy Diet Pill’ is exactly that – a diet pill that can improve your mood, frame of mind and happiness.

Happy Diet Pill appears to sound frivolous and even gimmicky – but in reality it is anything but, it is the coming  together of two highly successful active formula’s to form one super hybrid product. It’s no wonder the press are reviewing it extremely positively and have labelled it the must have diet and health product for 2012

What Is The Happy Diet Pill

Essentially a two part formula. The first part is exactly the same as the original Capsiplex formula. Capsicum (or red hot chilli pepper) is an extremely potent fat burner that heats up the the temperature of the body that in turn creates a thermogenic reaction.

Capsicum has been studied extensively over the last three decades with evidence from a multitude of independent sources linking its use and calorie expenditure. Capsiplex can help you burn approximately 280 calories a day – even while you rest,

5-HTP is known as the ‘happy hormone’ this is the part of the formula that creates the feel good factor. 5-HTP stimulates the production of serotonin, the natural chemical produced by the body that encourages us to feel happy, it lifts our mood. Depression, anxiety and insomnia are all partly due to low levels of serotonin. It is hard for our body produce enough serotonin of its accord and so a supplementation is necessary.

Recently, funny man actor Jim Carey  unveiled his battle with depression on the Larry King show and attributed his recovery to using 5-HTP supplements.

Watch Jim Carey talk about 5-HTP


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